About Us

Indonesian Human Rights Committee for Social Justice was founded in 2007 by 13 lawyers and human rights campaigners in Jakarta, Indonesia. By Indonesia Law, it was registered as an association. Our registered members are across different professions – lawyers, researchers and development professional, contributing expertise to the organization goals.

Our organization is small and flat; we focuses on making sustainable impact, supporting and strenghtening those who are on the move, we work to influence the structure. We specialize ourselves in judicial courts and policy influencing while maintaining our feet by supporting communities through paralegal training and advising.

We would like to consider ourselves as part of a social justice movement.

Expert Panel


Taufiqul Mujib joined IHCS in 2007 and is also the organization’s founder. He is a member of the IHCS Expert Board.

His educational background is politics and policy, focusing on environment and natural resources governance. Currently, he is working for The Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH as an Advisor for the climate and sustainable agriculture topics in the ASEAN region.

Taufiqul Mujib has extensive experience and in-depth knowledge on environmental and climate-policy



Gunawan joined IHCS since its establishment in 2007, starting as Program Director to chairman of the Organizational Advisory Committee before his current role as chairman for the Presidium.

Apart from his activity in IHCS, he also serves as Steering Committee member for KNPK (Komite Nasional Pertanian Keluarga / National Committee for Family Farming), National Council member for SPKS (Serikat Petani Kelapa Sawit / Union of Oil Palm Farmers), and the Supervisory Board member for the Bina Desa Sadajiwa Foundation.

He has worked as an expert for many development institutions and government agencies in a matter of in legal drafting, public policy analysis, and public influencing.



Christian A. Pandjaitan, joined IHCS in 2018 and became a member of IHCS in 2021. He is currently appointed as Deputy of Program, Regeneration and Regional Office Development.

Apart from his activity at IHCS, he works as an advocate and legal consultant; and actively writes legal and historical analyses.


Lalu Akhmad Laduni, joined IHCS in 2017. He received his law degree from UIN Yogyakarta. Since youth, his was active in organizing the farmers’ community. His expertise is rural community assessment and facilitation


Priadi, joined IHCS in 2009. He has played diverse roles in the organization from researcher to advocacy lead & coordinator. Currently he is the Deputy for Policy Advocacy and Legal Reform at IHCS. Priadi has a significant role in many IHCS cases regarding natural resources, labor and public health.

Apart from his activity at IHCS Priadi is also a member of the Operating Committee of the National Committee for Family Farming – Indonesia.